Monday, August 31, 2009

Facts about Asbestos Litigation

By Bart Icles

Anyone directly or indirectly affected with asbestos diseases should highly consider consulting an Asbestos Lawyer for proper and immediate legal help. Asbestos was a widely used material for construction, automotive parts, insulation, piping, clothing, and other domestic applications, being a cheap and an effective source of basic building material during the early 1940's. Despite its apparent discovery of having dangerous properties that lead to many to serious illnesses, the involved companies hid this information in order to continue using it. It was only after many reported cases of its ill effects surfaced recently that the federal government established an Asbestos law to help control and stop its blatant application.

Approximately 10 million workers had already been exposed to asbestos after its dark revelation, and that by 1970, almost more than 25 million tons of asbestos was already incorporated into the public areas around the United States. Exposure to the asbestos mineral happens when anyone is in close proximity to any building or material laden with asbestos fibers and inhaling it. Workers exposed to asbestos brought it into their homes by way of contaminated clothing, hair, and shoes, thereby also affecting their immediate family members. Since it is colorless, odorless and tasteless, it was almost next to impossible to detect, unless viewed by using a microscope.

The damaging effects of asbestos was already known by many industries that used it for their desired purposes - as early on during the 1920's, yet did nothing to correct this; money and profits was only their main concern, and the protection of their workers and their families was almost but nil. Some insurance companies during this period paid higher insurance premiums on workers most likely working in asbestos-laden areas, while most neglected to do this.

As years passed, people working in asbestos mines and exposed to the material as a by-product ingredient learned too late of its apparent dangers. It was also only recently that proper health and safety measures were implemented by the government when the health problems associated to asbestos exposure came to light, as well as the occurrence of many fatalities.

Mesothelioma is the form of cancer primarily related to exposure to asbestos minerals and its by-products. This disease affects the outer lining of the lungs, internal chest wall, and other nearby organs such as the heart and the lining of the abdominal cavity. Lung cancer is also one among these, as well as asbestosis. When asbestos fibers invade the lungs, it makes breathing difficult and painful.

If you suspect to be affected with any illness associated with exposure to asbestos, you are absolutely entitled to be compensated for it and should contact an Asbestos Lawyer immediately for proper legal action.

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