Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting A Biology Degree?

By Lynn Lopez

Are you thinking of pursuing a biology degree? Anyone who is interested in the life sciences should definitely include biology as a course to consider. A person who graduates with a biology degree has a good ticket to several exciting careers and fields. Biology graduates are found in such fields as research, education, health care, environmental planning, management and conservation, biotechnology, forensics, politics and policy, business and industry, economics, mathematics, scientific writing and communication.

What traits and characteristics are essential in one who wants to take up biology? For starters, you must have an inherent interest and extreme fascination with life and living organisms. You should be enthusiastic about the subject matter. This is an important quality to possess. Keep in mind that a biology degree is a rigorous course to take. Should you lack the necessary interest, you might find yourself questioning why you are taking a biology degree in the first place. You must like dealing with living things - plants and animals. You must also enjoy analysis. A scientific course like biology will entail much research on your part. The results of your research will require you to constantly analyze the information that you gather.

It is important that you pay close attention to detail. Being accurate and precise is vital in research. Lastly, you must be a good communicator. Once you have done your research and came up with your findings, you have to share your findings with the entire scientific community. In summary, it is of great consequence that you must know how, or willing to learn how, to analyze and think critically, ensuring that you used good scientific methodology and problem solving skills.

Once you have done the soul-searching required before pursuing a biology degree, the next step for you is to decide how you will go about your education. Do you prefer an on-campus or online degree program? Keep in mind that with a biology degree, you must consider how you will conduct laboratory work. An on-campus scenario might be preferable, given the fact that the schools have the necessary equipment and resources necessary to conduct biological analyses.

Then again, you just might find a school that offers a mix of both on-campus and online methods that will make you more comfortable with the quality of education that you will get. Conduct your own research on the different institutions that you are considering. Find out how many people end up finishing their degrees. Determine the level of support that you can get from the faculty teaching the biology degree program. After all, an investment in your future should not be taken lightly.

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