Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Divorce Public Records

By Domain Lee

Marital, or more precisely failed marital history, can tell a lot about a person. When a relationship gets serious enough, its a good idea to check out how your partner stacks up in that area. It could be touchy to be direct about it, so its better to do it in a discreet way.

Whatever the case, the fact of the matter is that free public divorce records are readily accessible nowadays. People wont be in the dark about a partners divorce or marriage history if only a little precautionary or due diligence action is taken.

Public Divorce Records are under State jurisdiction. They are one of the public vital records along with Marriage, Death and Birth which are maintained at state level. The majority of the states now have a central repository which is typically housed at the Statistics or Records Department. As divorce records can contain personal information, certain states impose some degree of restriction on its accessibility and use but by on large, they are accessible by the public as long as they are done through the proper channels. Standard information retrievable from public divorce records includes personal particulars of the couple, time and location, filing information, decree and child custody.

Although divorce public records have been around a long time, it used to be a big challenge to obtain them before the introduction of computerization. Of course, the advent of Internet gave the whole information industry a further boost. Today, it is way more convenient and effortless to conduct public divorce record searches than before, whether it is done online or on-site. Even the traditional hardcopy retrieval is a breeze, courtesy of the office automation.

You can obtain Free Divorce Records from government offices. If there is a fee, it would typically just be a nominal amount as administrative charges. There are also other free sources beside that but its better to steer clear of those, considering the prevalence of identity theft and computer virus nowadays. The best public divorce records are those supplied by commercial providers. Although fees are required, you can count on the quality. This is critical especially when you have serious business in store for the records.

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