Monday, August 3, 2009

Your Tuxedo Is The Perfect Power Suit

By Victor R. Santerino

Any manner of dress calculated to suggest the wearer is a successful business man (or woman) can be termed a power suit. The men's tuxedo fills this role perfectly. A power suit will make you feel self-assured and self-confident because that's exactly how you will look.

A man may wear a tuxedo for social occasions or for business, sometimes to blend in with the crowd, but at other times to make a bold statement among less formally dressed companions.

This is not as obvious of a solution for these wishes as wearing the correct suit. Though it lacks the same straight forwardness, there can be a lot of room for creativity in the manner which you wear it. Even the style of shirt you wear or tie can make a completely different look.

The classic "power suit," while leaving a deep impression, is actually an easy image to pull off.

Apart from straightforward typical garments attire, nothing is necessary to pull off the power suit look. This begins with the material. Wool is the first choice, but any substitute must be a flat, natural fabric.

Black is a very popular color, but keep in mind that most people will be wearing it! Instead, wear a navy blue. It will be a unique fashion choice and assure others of your suave and sophistication. Opt for a well-fitted navy blue tuxedo.

Coordinate with a well-pressed clean and bright white shirt. This is a confident move and will convey to others of your self-belief. Though it may seem simplistic, there is no need to pair the suit with a colorful or patterned t-shirt. It is unnecessary and will distract from the most important thing: you.

Your tie should be plain and the same tone as the suit. Remember to keep your look clean and polished by avoiding any type of insignias or hoops.

Shoes also should be plain and black. Polished to perfection, they must show that you care for the details.

All that remains is to stand up straight and act confident even if tense. However, looking well-groomed in your power suit is more than half the battle.

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