Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flat Screen TV's Are Wildly Popular

By Arthur Terter

Looking for a cheap LCD flatscreen nowadays gives you a lot more options than in years past. Not only have prices come way down, but there are more brands available that ever before. All you have to do is go into your local electronics store to see the large variety of sizes and make available.

It seems the big name brands such as Sony cost noticeably more than lesser-known brands. The difference can be in the many hundreds of dollars and even more than a thousand dollars when you get to the larger sizes. The question is whether the quality is really that much better in the name brand models?

Plasma televisions were the first flat screens to come out and now their popularity has gone down as LCD technology has taken over. In fact it is sometimes hard to find many plasma televisions for sale in stores now at all. The earlier flat screen models were not HD and you had to pay a lot more if you wanted to have HD capabilities.

Prices have come down a lot for flat screens but they are still more than people were used to paying for the old tube screens. It seems that everyone is perfectly willing to pay $1,000 or so for a TV now but while in years past before flat screens, hardly anyone had a set that cost that much. People just love the look of the flat screen and the ability to hang it on the wall and for that they are willing to pay more than in years past with tube TVs.

Once you buy your new LCD TV, you have a choice of whether you want it to stand on a table or whether you want it mounted on the wall. The ability to mount your flat screen on the wall has given an extra appeal to them, as a TV on the wall was once something you only saw in restaurants or bars. Now anyone can have the movie theater affect along with surround sound from his or her wall mounted flat screen TV.

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