Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where Can A Biology Degree Lead You To?

By Bart Icles

Looking for something to major in as a college student? If you are interested in life sciences then it is best that you take a biology degree. If you are wondering about what types of careers are available for you as a biologist, then you are definitely in for a wide range of options. It can be significantly rewarding to pursue a career in life sciences this is why there are more and more students who are becoming interested in this field.

Learning more about biology or the life sciences enables us to become more inquisitive. It helps develop our skills in asking analytical questions, making observations, evaluating different kinds of evidence, and providing solutions to problems. Biologists or life scientists learn more about living things, how they come to be, how they interact with one another, and how they progress through different development stages. Their field of study can range from the smallest unit of living organisms - the cell - to large bio systems in places like rainforests, oceans, and deserts. A biology degree will give you the chance to study microscopic organisms like viruses or different plant form or various animal species.

As a biologist, you will be able to better understand the natural world that we live in. It will also help you address questions that you might have about living organisms or specific areas of concern that the world wants to know more about for years and years now. These areas of concern might include threats to human health and existence, depletion of natural resources, and preserving abundant and practical food supplies.

A biology degree can open your doors to many different career paths. After obtaining a degree in the life sciences, you can choose to become a research biologist and study the wonders of the natural world with the help of the latest and most advanced scientific tools and techniques. You can be a research biologist in the laboratory or in the field or in both. This kind of degree will also help you much if you are planning to become a health care specialist. There are also lots of biologists who choose to stay in the university to help others learn more about our natural world.

There are still other careers that you can potentially have if you obtain a biology degree. You can take part in environmental management and conservation and help solve environmental problems to help preserve our natural world for future generations. As a biologist, you can also apply your expertise in the following fields: biotechnology, forensic science, business and industry, economics, and science writing and communications among others.

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