Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making The Jump To Poker Chips With Denominations

By Kieth Sanna

Selecting between poker chips with denominations and the standard color chips is pretty simple. Nonetheless, your preference will very much depend on what type of game you generally play. Frequency and the number of players involved in the game also play a major part in making a choice.

Poker chips with denominations usually come in the same type of format. You will get a mixture of 1 dollar chips, 5 dollar chips, 10 dollar chips, 25 dollar chips, and 100 dollar chips. That is 5 different denominations of poker chips. The more denominations you have though, the better the game will be.

A standard colored chip sets contains 5 diverse colors. The chips come in white, red, blue, green, and black colors. Although having diverse chip colors is good, a corresponding denomination is still needed because without, you might get confused as you go along the game.

So now you have to decide what type of game you and your friends usually play. Do you play tournaments or cash games? Poker chips with denominations are better in tournaments. In cash games though, you will want to create a unique set of denominations for each chip, so the plain colored chips would work better.

Another factor is the frequency of your play, for instance in a specific month. If you play poker 3 or more times per month, it would be wise to purchase a poker chip set that will fit your needs. Choosing between plain colored chips or chips with denominations really depends on you. I always recommend keeping both types.

How many players you usually have at a poker game will affect your decision to go with or without denominations. In my mind though, poker chips with denominations are the best way to go. You can still use them in cash games, but they work best in tournaments.

Poker chips with denominations will amaze everyone at your poker game. I guarantee that with your poker chips set, you will entice a lot of people to join your poker game.

When the denominations on the poker chips do not coincide with the denominations you play in a cash game, you will have to improvise. Unless, you have both kinds of chips, colored and with denominations. You can also get customized poker chips with denominations that will work in your cash game. If you play lower stakes than what are on the poker chips, try to get some customized.

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