Saturday, December 13, 2008

Discover How Your Child's Endocrine System Functions

By Charles Pole

Numerous of have used or at least heard the terms, oh it is growing strain, he is moving through a growing spurt, or hes got raging hormones. These are general terms that numerous of us apply when referring to our children from a wellness point of view. We have come to consider these terms gently. So if anyone were to ask us, well what is causing the growing pains or the growth spurt, we might not be confident to answer ,other than, well he's maturing. So the better inquiry is what makes him grow? The answer to that is the endocrine system contained in his/her body.

The endocrine system is responsible for regulating the metabolic process, growth development and puberty, as well as tissue function and moods. Now some of these you may see better than the others. For example, you understand the growth development ,puberty and moods, but you are not too sure about metabolism and tissue process. So lets talk about them.

Metabolism is a word you in all likelihood know, but perhaps 1 that you do not know what it signifies. any one relating to the endocrine system will most certainly use this word at numerous level. You may be good with it when it comes to weight loss. It is frequently practised in that context when it comes to burning unnecessary fat, and the body isn't doing it immediate enough so it is said to have a slow metabolic process.

Therefore getting back to the children, what does it have to do with them? By obtaining the result to what is metabolism will respond to that inquiry. Metabolism as we know it in the endocrine system, in uncomplicated terms means that a serial of chemical processes must occur in anything that is living, in order to keep it alive. It is this set of chemical responses that take place in your childs body that allows him or her to grow. It makes this by preserving the proper structures of the cells in the body, and grants them to respond to whats close to them.

Some Other term we are educated with is hormones. Well that's what region of the endocrine system process is, to let out hormones. We related to tissue function. The 1st standard thinking is skin yeah? Yes this is part of it but there is more. The simple meaning of tissue, is a group of various cells that all came from one particular place to bond unitedly, to form tissue. Once this grouping takes place then in is called an organ, and will have a special operation to carry out.

So where does this all fit in with the care of our children. I mean if we give them nutritious nutrient, make sure they have their vitamins, and their proper sleep then every thing should be simply okay. Yes every thing should be ok, but is it good? I, just like you, want the very best for my youngsters. I have get to trust that I require to know a bit more about the endocrine system which is serious to not only keeping them alive, but to be able to develop into healthy productive adults. To gain this knowledge doesnt mean I have to go to medical school. There is some stuff ready today considering the human body that is easily read and understood by average Moms and Dads. .

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