Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Learn Facts About The Human Endocrine System

By Jack Spilt

I do not know of anyone who has not met somebody that is moody most of the time. When things is going on with an somebody and we cant explain it, we just say, oh they are being paraniod. This doesnt just come out of thin air, it has to be coming from someplace. That somewhere could very well be the endocrine system. This system is answerable for very much of what goes on in our bodies. Its health is important, to our over all well being. If this system is not performing the way it should ,then it does not matter how well the rest of the organs are working.

The endocrine system sounds like a terrible and complicated subject. Most of us actually don't really care toacquirea lot about it. But isnt it a little unfair to label someone as being just plain moody, without taking the time to understand just a little bit ,of what could be going on. Dont get me wrong, I am not telling that the endocrine system is the culprit for causing everybody's awful tempers, because the temper can be stimulated by other things too. What I am sounding out is, it would be essential if we knows about our own bodies I mean, lets acknowledge it, we have all been a little moody now and again. The trouble is often we think that this is a conduct that can be turned on and off, so we tend to snap back at a emotional person.

The endocrine system is responsible for releasing hormones. Its these hormones that go about our bodies managing all kinds of different tasks. The female hormones for illustration, can play a important role in the mood swings of a woman during, before, and after her menstrual cycles. So thats the explaination us ladies can use, so where does that leave the men? I mean they dont have the female hormones bubbling all over the place. So what is their reason for their possible moodiness? Just the same thing, only its the male endocrines.

Even in todays growth in medical research, there is yet much disputation considering the effects that the male and female internal secretions have on a persons mood. Nonetheless I believe that married couples, will be more liable to agree with the theory, that they set. Married Men have get to the peak ,where they recognize ,that theres in all probability going to be a few days each calendar month that the married woman isnt so nice. Its almost as though the male population has accepted this as a normal occurrence. Yet women dont leave the men the identical thoughtfulness. When our men are emotional we very rarely would still consider it being endocrine linked.

So basically if we all had a little better understanding of how the endocrine system operated it might make a important difference in how we treat, feel and perceive another. Maybe then, we would not take the mood swings of others rather so personal. You never know, maybe then we may not be rather so defensive, which could mean less quarrels. That would for sure be advantageous to a lot of human relationships, not solely between married mates, but youngsters, family and friends as well.

Its an fascinating thought, to reckon that we could cause a much greater impact on our everyday lives, simply by acknowledging a little more about the human body.

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