Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Solar Powered Chargers Can Help You

By Dan Ashton

We are all incredibly reliant on the power that comes through our sockets and light switches. But what would we do if there was a problem with that power, even temporarily?

Whether you are someone who likes to plan in advance, or just prefer to have something on standby, a solar powered charger could be beneficial. You could keep some rechargeable batteries charged and ready to go should you need to, or you could have your charger nearby so that you could start charging immediately.

To step things up and provide solar power for your home, you would need to make an initial investment in some solar panels. A professional is recommended at this stage, as this is a long term plan and you would want it doing correctly from the outset. Although remember, there are other ways you can utilise solar energy in your day to day activities.

Obviously the scale of the solar panels that you want to install or use is entirely up to you. Again, a professional can advise should you wish to provide permanent or just back up power to your home, whereas you would be able to assess yourself what you require for battery charging etc.

Research is key if you are looking to install "the full works" ie a solar power solution for your entire home. As this will be hooking up to your mains electricity additional technical items will be required to make it compatible. Of course, you can get minature solar panels and chargers for everyday usage around the home and indeed out and about.

You should check the installation company to find out what mounting hardware, wiring, junction boxes, grounding equipment, and other equipment you will need in order to build your own solar charger. Often the company will have a discount available if you acquire them to build your system.

Once the system you want is installed, it has little maintenance other than checking the batteries once a month. And the system will provide emergency electricity for more than 20 years.

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