Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What You Need To Know About The Human Circulatory System

By Xiong Zhe

If you take a closer peep at theIf you take a see If you look close enough at the circulatory system, it will look like a big ball of wool that a kitty has gotten hold of, and made it into one big tangled fix. In Reality the circulatory system is likely a lot easier to sort out then that wool would be.

Our common wisdom of the heart is,if it is unhealthy, we may get a heart attack. That there are 4 rooms in the heart, and that there is a whole string of veins and arteries We dont know a whole lot about these except, that if we cut an artery we could bleed to death. Another thing that we usually listen, is we know that if we have overmuch fat in our blood, then cholesterol has something to do with it, and its not healthy for us. Our wisdom of the circulatory system may jus stay here. of the circulatory system.But if you stop and think, that's is quite an a sum of wisdom.

If we had just a a couple more details to our wisdom it may cause many us to reckon about how it actually affects our entire bodies, and that by familiarizing what it requires, and why it requires certain items, we will be all the more likely to ensure it gets it.

Sometimes to thoroughly visualize something it aids to paint a an image. So permit me do something similar to that here ,and hand you something that is simple to visualize.

Visualize a two lane main road. One is going North the other South. At the start of the highway going south is a big manufacturing industrial plant (the heart). In this industrial plant are four rooms (four chambers of the heart) that from each one develop a material, for the last merchandise that this company makes(the enriched oxygen filled blood cells). This good product is pumped out into containers (arteries). These containers are at once carried away from the industrial plant (heart) down the main road (the blood flow) to various storehouses on the way(body organs that require the enriched cells.)

Now in the other direction coming down the North main road is containers (veins) arriving back toward the industrial plant. These containers are containing waste materials (blood that requires to be re oxygenated) These are dropped off at the plant (heart) where it will be refurbished(re oxygenated) and then transported out once again in the good containers (arteries).

This procedure takes place over and over again incessantly. This scenerio is only represented this way as a visualization, to plainly aid you know how the circulatory system runs.

If we wanted to, we could continue with this visual image as to what happens in the four rooms (chambers of the heart) in order to get the good product ready.

Hopefully this has given you a little more understanding of how the system works and the grandness of it . For example going back to our visualization, if one good were to collapse then it would have a direct affect on all the other steps. This is incisively would befall on in our bodies.

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