Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MCSA Courses - Which Are The Best To Learn From?

By Scott Edwards

When looking for value for money in the IT training industry, it's quite hard to find - as trying to compare courses is like comparing apples to antelopes! We need a training provider that's not only offering value for money, but also provides great help and support to their students on MCSA Courses. It's important to find a computer training company whose team is passionate about educating and supporting their students - where it's all about getting it right for the student rather than hitting targets.

If you're new to the industry,it's really important that your IT training provider has experts who can help advise you on which courses will be right for you. Prices can be kept low by providers who have adopted the latest developments in learning technology, being able to use full-motion video tutorials, featuring instructor-led classroom sessions and demonstrations. Delivered with virtual labs for the student to practise in, this eliminates the need for classroom based training.

By using this technology to study your MCSA, you'll experience user-friendly training and enjoy studying via interactive labs, with the ability to practice and rewind as many times as you like. All this can be done from your PC, eliminating the need to travel to a classroom.

There is no need to pore through books as the training comes on a suite of CD/DVD-ROMs. Just pop a disc into your laptop or computer and you have started - you can interact with software without it even being installed on your PC. Having reviewed the industry for many years, this type of training is the easiest and most natural way to learn.

You'll need a company with experienced advisors who can ensure that the starting point of your training will match your current ability. MCSA courses for those entering the IT industry for the first time will be very different to courses for experienced IT professionals who need to gain certification. It's important to seek guidance before purchasing to ensure you're on the right track.

Having your questions answered there and then while you're studying is a very critical factor in achieving success. The best MCSA training companies will provide direct 24/7 support, with actual tutors available online anytime of day or night, so you have cover when you study evenings and weekends.

Many companies claim to offer 24/7 support, but in reality it's office hours assistance, with an overnight message system and a return call in the next few days inside of office hours. Obviously this is not much good if you're studying alongside a job, and it's very difficult to finish a course when faced with this continual stop/start situation.

Exam preparation will save you re-sit fees. Look for a course that incorporates Microsoft authorised exam simulation software to ensure a full understanding of how the questions are asked. Then you'll be confident before you pay to sit the real thing..

Using simulated exam environments allows you to measure your ability to pass, and the time you will have. At over 100 per exam and with four to pass, it pays to know you'll get through first time!

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