Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hypnotherapy and the Benefits of Hypnotism

By Mark Allen

Hypnotism and hypnotherapy have long been recognized for the benefits they can bring. In the last one hundred years, it has been studied, tested, and refined. Today it provides benefits for millions of people.

For thousands of years people have looked for ways to alleviate suffering and improve themselves. Medicine, psychology, and psychiatry are fields that were created in order to understand and improve the human condition.

Over time, there have been many different approaches to "alternative" healing and self-improvement. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis fall into this category.

People have many different reasons for trying hypnotherapy or hypnosis. These include relief from both emotional and physical problems, as well as wanting to reach one's potential and improve one's self.

Hypnotism can can be used to overcome low self-esteem and low self-confidence, and anger, as well as physical problems like over-eating and weight loss.

Hypnosis can also be very effective in overcoming various negative habits and addictions like cigarette smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, and gambling.

Hypnosis has also been used successfully to aid with severe medical problems like diabetes and even cancer. Patients have been known to undergo pain-free surgery with minimal anesthesia, and reduce recovery times significantly.

Hypnotism and hypnotherapy shouldn't be considered a "cure-all", and may not even always be the best alternative. But more and more studies show that there are significant, tangible, and long-lasting benefits to this type of therapy and self-help.

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