Sunday, December 14, 2008

Overview of Causes Behind Depression

By Anthony Silva

One of the leading causes of depression are the 'feel good' chemicals which includes in the way the brain regulates. People who will suffer from clinical depression are those whose brains do not release certain chemicals and those whose brains do not produce the right quantity of certain chemicals.

A person will automatically feel sad if he or she doesn't get the right amount of the 'feel good' chemicals. These chemicals are necessary to keep your mood happy. There are also some other causes of depression which people will not expect or even understand. Let's find out more about it.

The imbalance of certain chemicals is one major cause of depression. Depression can be brought up by the outside factors. Some patients suffer from seasonal affective disorder, SAD. This is when they face depression when there is less sunlight around them, mostly during winter season.

Most of us do prefer sunny days over the drizzly ones. The people, who suffer from SAD, are most sensitive to this. Being inside the house during the winter season with lack of fresh air and sunlight causes a person to feel depressed.

Fresh air is needed to be consumed for at least a few minutes, if not depression can be caused easily. People who suffer from SAD prefer sunny days more than gloomy ones. These patients are also advised to use standard light bulbs for better light in the house.

You be able to end up being clinically depressed if you learn more and more about depression and negative thinking. You will compare someone who purposely walks with a limp- and eventually he or she will end up being limp.

Depression also can be caused due to self-pride, trauma survived such as a natural disaster or crime or problems like job loss, financial crisis, or may be a divorce. A person usually thinks over these problems in a negative way and so ends up being depressed.

Only thinking negatively over things in extreme can make you end up with depression. Bad mood or one's problems will not cause depression.

Every day there is something new that scientists and doctors learn about depression. Extreme anxiety can often lead to depression as the body can't cope up with the heightened state of awareness. Teenagers usually end up being depressed when they are bullied in school. There are numerous ways in which a person can get depressed.

If your family members have depression then there is a possibility that you get diagnosed with it too. Doctors are finding for new and improved methods to cure or treat depression. If you think you are a patient of clinical depression then consult a doctor soon without hesitation.

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