Monday, December 15, 2008

UK Based Retraining

By Scott Edwards

If you think it's time to look for retraining, UK opportunities fall into certain specific categories. But first, let's consider the reasons why you want to change...

Is it because you want a new challenge, less stress, more excitement? Are you under threat in your present job, perhaps being taken advantage of, or just not valued enough? Or are you simply in an out of time industry?

Perhaps you need to earn more money, or find a job that's restricted to social hours. It could be that you want to find something different that's more suited to your lifestyle.

So what are you going to do about it? Well first of all, congratulations - the fact that you're reading this means you've started to look! Over the years, many thousands of people have retrained into new careers.

So, starting with the premise that you're interested in retraining in the UK: It begs the question, retrain to become what?

Here are some questions to be thinking about:

* Is extra income important to you?

* Do you expect to retrain into a lifelong career?

* Is finding a new job quickly an important factor in retraining?

* Do you want a skill that means you can live anywhere in the UK, and aren't restricted to one particular area?

We've chosen these questions as we know these are common requirements for the majority of people we speak to. But it's amazing how many people ignore these needs when they're considering a new job. Did you know there are four times the number of people qualified as HIPS assessors as there are jobs for that role in the UK?

So in response to the above questions, the most serviceable retraining programme needs to prepare the student for an industry that has skill shortages in demand nationwide, with better than average pay and long term career opportunities up to senior years.

By understanding your needs and who you are, you can start to hone in on that ideal environment for you to work in. But you'll still need someone who has the experience to explain what the job is really like. Most of us have little understanding of what our neighbours actually do to earn their money.

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