Friday, January 23, 2009

The Best Way To Finish College Fast

By Jenny Willow

After high school many people dream of going to college for the next several years, meeting lots of life long friends and going to a lot of parties. That reality is not the case for everyone though. It costs money and takes time for that lifestyle and many people need to finish college fast to earn a degree and get out in the real world supporting them and their family.

For example a person working a fulltime job to support their family would not likely being able to quit working in order to finish their degree. Or someone in the Navy or other military service who's duty does not allow them to be close to a college. Although even if they were close to a college since they are in the military they would not be able to go to school fulltime most likely.

Whatever the reason for not being able to go to college fulltime to finish a degree there are other options to consider. So yes the traditional experience of going to college may not happen fully or at all, but at least it is possible to still complete a degree and get on with your professional working life as quick as possible.

The first thing you may be thinking is online or distance education programs. Yes those can be great ways to get a college degree without being on campus and giving you flexibility to do so.

To finish as fast as you can it may require additional steps as well. In case you are not aware there are tests that if you successfully pass them (and there are study guides) you may not be required to then complete certain college classes. Completing one or several of these tests could save you money and time.

The College Level Examination Program (a.k.a. CLEP) is accepted by some colleges allowing you to earn up to 12 credit hours for every exam passed. Check with the college you are looking into as not all colleges accept CLEP exams for credits. Some colleges also use the CLEP for admissions purposes.

A few CLEP exam examples include Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, College Algebra, College Mathematics, English Composition, and more.

Hopefully completing your college education as fast as possible may seem more doable now. With a combination of finishing CLEP exams along with online colleges (assuming they accept CLEP) you may be able to finish your degree fast and get on with your professional career.

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