Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here's a Free Reverse Phone Search That You Can Use

By Sam Lockwood

A reverse phone search does exactly as the name implies. One simply keys in the number you're inquiring about and before you know it, you're provide with the details as to who owns that specific number, All in all, this is a great feature with many uses.

It would be fair to say that the leading reasons for people wanting to do reverse phone searchers, is to verify a caller's identity, to inquire as to who owns a specific number of a call they missed and furthermore, to run a personal check on some of the numbers which have been dialled or received on a spouse or partner's phone if there is any suspicion of cheating.

It was not until recently that it became possible for users to gather this type of information. Unfortunately, a serious shortage of searchable databases prevented these searches from being possible.

Many companies have set up online businesses in recent times purely for the sake of performing reverse look-ups. Of course, being able to retrieve information regarding not only cell phone numbers, but also unlisted numbers, has meant that these companies maintain phenomenal databases of information.

Generally speaking, there is a charge for such a service but the charges are extremely low, making it affordable to all. Alternatively, there are also ways to try this type of search for free.

Try this free version of a reverse phone search - it won't take long and it's easy to do. Using Google, simply enter the phone number into the search box between quotation marks and hit the search button.

The success of this search will be dependent on whether or not the owner of the number has ever published the number online, for example, as part of a profile on one of the social networking sites. If they have, you can be sure Google will find it and you can take a look at the information that is displayed on the webpage.

As a rule of thumb, paid services provide both employment history and address history in addition to name and current address so if Google has let you down, you may want to consider a paid service.

The chances are, if you've not had much success with Google, you'll be looking for a suitable paid service. If this is the case, be sure to use a company that only charges a single sign-up fee after which you're entitled to unlimited searches.

When one considers the small fee these companies charge, the ability to perform reverse phone searches is an exceptional feature to have at your disposal.

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