Thursday, January 29, 2009

How To Make A Resume - What You Need To Know

By Cynthia Penfold

Your resume can determine whether or not you are worthy of a job. That is why you have to know what is necessary to make a very powerful resume that tells who you are. If you are simply typing a brief employment history on a sheet of paper, that is not enough. How youre really going to make a great impression is by creating a resume that highlights your skills adequately, makes your work history shine, allows the employer to see why you are right for the company, and that you have been exactly what theyve been looking for all along.

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, What are my skills and how can I offer them to this company? Once you have figured out what your skills are, write them down with pen and paper. The fact of the matter is, we are all human beings and human beings cant remember everything off of the top of our heads.

The next thing you want to ask yourself is, What do I think this company wants out of an employee? Of this is an answer you know, write it down. You then need to ask yourself, What about me is beneficial to this company? You want to ensure that there is something that you can offer the company because you dont want to be on the job, wondering what comes next. You also want to take a look at the experience you have gathered to ensure you can perform the job for that company.

Once all of this information is written down, it is time to construct the resume. You will start with what your objective is and how it is you plan on benefiting this company. After that, you move on to your employment history. You always want to ensure that you include all of your job duties here because even the smallest of duties may be relevant to this potential position. Do dont leave anything out.

The next part of the resume is where you outline any other experiences that you have had. Including certifications and licenses is very important as well. You never know when one of these things could be relevant to the job you are seeking. You never know what a potential employer is looking for, so leave out nothing.

Lastly, you have your reference section. There is nothing wrong with including your references on your resume. Some do prefer to state that references will be provided upon request and others prefer to go ahead and give that information.

It is important to not skimp on your resume in any way. Although there is this desire for a one page resume by some, that is something that is impossible to do. You want to highlight as much of yourself as possible, so condensing that information can be impossible.

Furthermore, make sure you use a high quality paper. You dont want to use the paper straight out of your printer. This is because that is a lower quality paper. You can go to your local office supply store and purchase resume paper, which looks and even feels professional. When you combine your excellent expertise with a fancy looking resume, then your chances of landing the job increase exponentially.

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