Thursday, January 8, 2009

Custom Workbenches: A Simple Solution for Growing Businesses

By OnePointe Blogger

Is your business growing by leaps and bounds? Have you outgrown your workspace, but haven't quite run across an ideal solution. Obsess no more - custom workbenches provide the solution.

Custom Workbenches: Add-On Accessories to Fit Your Work Needs

The advantage of custom work benches is that you can accessorize them to fit your workspace needs. Some of the accessories you can add on are steel drawers, specialized overhead lighting, and hydraulic lift kits, to name a few. The more customized the workspace, the more productive the worker.

A Custom Workbench Is Constructed to Last

Above-quality custom workbenches can hold thousands of pounds without caving in. They are usually constructed from durable metals like stainless steel. Some other excellent features you'll find include resistant laminate, rust and stain-free paint, and tempered glass. And, a premium is also placed on worker comfort. This is why tangibles like ergonomics are taken into account during construction. A well-constructed custom workbench will not only last for years; it'll look good for years as well.

Businesses That Use Custom Workbenches Keep an Eye on the Bottom Line

Businesses that use custom workbenches run the gamut from small interior design firms, to large assembly-line manufacturers. Hence, the best custom workbenches are functional, affordable, durable and stylish. While some may label a custom workbench as just another piece of office furniture, they're anything but. A custom work bench serves a broader business purpose. What is it?

A run-of-the-mill workbench is usually just another form of office furniture - a place to store a computer and other workspace needs (files, printer, etc.). Technical, custom workbenches are advanced workspace solutions, not simply workbenches. They help to facilitate workflow. Workflow has an unequivocal impact on worker output. And, an employee's output goes directly to the company bottom line. This is why modern, custom workbenches are not only a sturdy, stylish place to work, but a business investment as well.

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