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Self Images - Ways To Improve Yours

By Felicity Tan

Self image is what helps puts ideas in our mind with regard to our personality and other qualities. It is self image which we use to regard ourselves with. If you have a more positive self image then you will have more self esteem.

Low self image can affect your life and in some cases make you feel worthless. However, you can boost your self image by thinking about all of the good qualities within you. It is these qualities that become your strength, and which will help you to change your self-image.

There are certain ways in which one can boost one's self image:

1. You can discover those situations that trouble you and which in turn affect your self image. There may be some aspects of your personality that are weak and which can be changed if you make the effort.

If you can change these areas of your personality and add a new self to your life then this will help in boosting your self image. Weaknesses are part of who we are and we need to know how to deal with our weak points so that we can then turn them into stronger ones.

2. Sometimes thoughts will appear in our minds with regard to a certain situation or person that leads us to have a low self image. It may be that you feel someone is better able to do something than you. With this not only will you feel nervous but will lead you to having doubts about what you are capable of doing.

It is a good idea to try and observe these thoughts you are having. Sometimes when we talk to ourselves to try and rid ourselves of such thoughts they sometimes have a negative twist to them and this leads to a person's decrease in their self image.

3. Low self image may result from certain unwanted reactions that can be physical, emotional or behavioral in nature. The reactions that may occur are a change in your appetite, you become angry or your have headaches. So you need to avoid any kind of negative thinking regarding yourself.

It is a good idea to try and work out what your thought patterns are. Are the thoughts of a positive rather than negative nature and so logical and worthy to be kept. But be aware that not always will your thoughts flow in the correct direction.

If you are someone who criticizes everything that you do then you will soon begin to development low self image feelings. It is crucial that you should try and feel good about yourself all the time. Not only will you feel the effect of these positive vibes but those around you will as well.

Each one of us is unique and we have our own qualities that cannot be found in anybody else. What you need to do is to learn to respect yourself and these qualities. By doing this you will help yourself to increase your self image. Having a healthy self image can help you to face all problems and overcome difficult situations.

Some people develop an inferiority complex because their feelings of low self image are persistent. If not avoided an inferiority complex can cause dramatic differences to one's personality. It is through a person's personality and actions that they do that their self image will be reflected and you need to remember to try and keep your self image intact.

As well as your self image, the beliefs you have play an important role in shaping the life you have. From when we were children certain values will have been instilled into us and these form the basis of the beliefs we have. Sometimes the beliefs that we have are merely a reflection of the thoughts of our parents or from the society in which we live.

As we grow up our beliefs may change because we become exposed to things around us. But it is these initial beliefs that will eventually help to shape our most deepest thoughts and wishes. You may also discover that certain beliefs you find important may also form the basis of another person's beliefs as well. The strongest belief that we have and which is hard to break is believe in and trusting those that we love.

But be aware that some of the beliefs you may have are contradictory to others and these may alter the way your life, causing hurdles to be put in your way. Therefore, it will be necessary to change some of these beliefs if you wish to lead a happy and satisfied life. Self belief is what also forms an integral part of your beliefs. If you have faith and believe in yourself then you can develop a better self image.

It is important that when replacing old beliefs with you new ones to clear a new path in your life that you do so as quickly as possible. Also make sure that these beliefs are ones that you truly believe in and aren't the beliefs or thoughts of someone else.

We all have a belief system and this will impact greatly on the decisions we make and our actions. Such beliefs are very powerful and will also affect our surroundings. Many of will fight for our beliefs and tend to dislike it when others try to influence the opinions that we have.

The strong beliefs which we develop in relation to a certain issue much be done in accordance with certain values that we have. You can make your beliefs stronger or weaker by looking at how important, accurate and worthy they are to you. For those who want to alter their way of thinking to improve their life then understanding the importance of self image and beliefs is crucial.

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