Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Learning Environment Matters In A Dance Studio

By Sarah Wilkiamson

The way your child learns is influenced by their surroundings. The right atmosphere is essential if you want them to do well and enjoy their experience. This is where a good dance school starts to outshine those run by amateurs. Children do their best in a warm and friendly environment similar to that which they would experience at home. They need to build trust early so they can concentrate on learning.

As much as possible visit some dance schools and try to observe the actual lessons. You can then evaluate if a dance school has a good environment that will encourage your child. Try to observe how a teacher interacts with the students and what sort of bond the students have with him/her. With an animated art like dance it is essential for your child to have an excellent association with the teacher. Visiting and observing will allow you to find out if the learning environment is the right one for your child.

This is not to say that fun and games should be to the detriment of learning the art of dance, and some dance schools can take the entertainment factor too far. A good teacher knows the right mix that keeps the kids engaged and still facilitates learning. A curriculum will have clear outcomes so that the teacher can stay on track.

Keep open communication with your child so that you can discuss what they have been doing in the dance class. Make sure your child is happy and enjoying the class. This will be a major indication that the learning atmosphere is good for them. Also be sure that they are indeed progressing with learning the dancing basics.

A school that allows parents to attend and observe the dance classes will enable you to carefully monitor your child's progress. Or just simply allow you to be part of the experience. Sometimes this sort of support can work well for both the child and the teacher and a good school will understand why this is important to many parents.

Family participation helps a young child to learn faster. This gives support and motivation to your child. A school that allows family participation in a child's dance lessons is helping the student to learn better. A young child likes to talk to siblings and parents about their learning experiences and if they are allowed to discuss the dance classes the child feels proud of their accomplishments.

A friendly environment that promotes learning is not a given. Schools and teachers work very hard to accomplish the right mix of learning aids and techniques and this will be evident if you inspect a few different dance schools. Make sure that you have a clear idea of your own expectations and that of your child's so that you can make the right decision. If dance is to be an important part of your child's future it warrants some careful consideration as it tends to be a source of many fond memories.

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