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Nursing Careers - One of the best, high earning and noble careers

By Jimmy Stroud

The healthcare industry is changing by the day, and with all the changes that seem to come with time, you would find that the role of nurses, and trained ones at that, gets to be the most important in the healthcare sector.

Of course, the rigors of working in this position are different, and times, complex, but that is the reason why healthcare organizations want nurses to work with them, and in big numbers at that. You would find that the demand for these nurses is far greater than the supply, and that pretty much is how it is going to be for years to come.

Just so you know, here is a list of 5 top nursing careers:

Travel Nursing Careers

And no, Travel Nursing does not mean you would be traveling all across the globe and attend to patients. Basically, travel nursing means you have the allowance to work in varied healthcare institutions, something that cannot be done by nurses, because they are allowed to work only in one healthcare institution at a time.

Travel nursing as a career is highly fulfilling primarily because of the fact that it pays you really well. Nurses get paid an average hourly salary of about $30, which is very good by any yardstick.

Military Nursing Careers

Nursing, on the whole, is a noble profession. In this profession, you get a chance to give back something to society. By serving people who work on the warfronts, you indirectly contribute to the country by maintaining the health of our soldiers. Attending the wounds of soldiers can be a scary experience for most nurses, but a lot of military nurses are excited about taking on these important duties.

Forensic Nursing Careers

With the crime rates going up by the day, you surely would stand benefited in a big way with Forensic Nursing. After all, here is a career that requires you to pay a lot of attention to detail. If you can, then Forensic nursing may be the career for you.

As a part of the roles and responsibilities of a Forensic nurse, you would collect documentary evidence, and also prepare a list of injuries. With this, you may not be actually playing a front role in investigations of the crime, but you would play a good supporting role.

Legal Nurse Consulting Careers

Now, the position of a legal nurse is a real high paying one. Legal nurses get paid in the range of $100 and $150. Of course, the high pay associated with the position means that you need to be well qualified to earn this kind of money.

For starters, you could provide medical and legal inputs to your legal team after analyzing the medical evidence of an event. You could also testify in the court as an expert witness in cases that include medical malpractice and product liability.

Surgical Nursing Careers

Trust the doctors would need the assistance of nurses when they perform organ transplants and other complex surgeries. You could be assisting a doctor in preparing for the surgery as well as preparing a roadmap for the patient's recovery after the surgery.

Surgical nurses arrange all the basic requirements for a doctor to carry out his operation well. Importantly, surgical nurses also look after the general patients up-keep during his stay with the healthcare organization.

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