Monday, February 23, 2009

What roses reveal

By Tracy Anderson

Of all the flowers in the world today, the rose is the most misunderstood.

Sure it gets the spotlight when it comes to occasions like Valentine's Day, Mothers' Day and other important celebrations. But many people have forgotten the proper way of giving roses.

Unknown to many, roses have their own special language. Yes, they all convey love and this traditional meaning is universally accepted.

However, the color and number of roses you give can express different degrees of love and affection. This is why you should learn their language.

To help you decide what to give someone special, here is a short refresher course on the hidden meanings of this popular flower:

A black rose means you are obsessed with someone. Leonidas rose refers to sweet love. If you want to compliment a person's grace and elegance, send a Nicole rose.

An orange rose refers to your secret love while a pink rose symbolizes a perfect complexion or happiness. Give a white rose for innocence and purity.

A yellow rose means friendship or jealousy. A dark crimson rose is a sign of grief. A thornless rose means love at first sight.

The number of roses you give can likewise convey different feelings. Here's a quick guide:

3 roses - I love you

7 roses - I'm infatuated with you

10 roses - You're perfect

12 roses - Be mine

13 roses - Friends forever

15 roses - I'm sorry

25 roses - Congratulations

108 roses - Will you marry me?

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