Saturday, February 21, 2009

More weird Valentine's Day gifts

By Tracy Anderson

Having a hard time figuring what to get your loved one on the day of hearts? Thinking of making a big impression on Valentine's Day without resorting to the same traditional gifts?

If you want to rise above the crowd, choose from this strange selection of weird and wacky Valentine gifts that will make you the talk of the town.

If you have money to burn, why not buy your girlfriend or wife a heart-shaped car? Designed by special effects house Asylum, the Danacol Heart Car is a sporty coupe that smacks of Valentine's Day wherever you take it. It's red, comes in the shape of a heart and seats two people comfortably.

Of course, when Valentine's Day ends, so does the appeal of this odd vehicle. But no problem: hide it in your garage for next year's celebration.

Can't get enough of your loved one? Willing to accompany him or her to the far reaches of the earth just to show how much you care? Take your affection to the extreme with the TwoDaLoo Two Person Toilet.

This designer's nightmare enables two people to sit facing each other while answering the call of nature at the same time. With this toilet, you can't accuse your loved one of not being there when you need that person the most.

"The couple that excretes together, stays together. If you are comfortable enough to plop down on the toilet with your loved one, I'd say your bond is strong enough as it is. But perhaps this is the kick in the pants your relationship needs," according to Seth Plattner of InventorSpot.Com.

"Take your intimacy level to the extreme and see one another in one of the most vulnerable acts of nature there is, and you're sure to see your partner in a whole new light. It may not be the most romantic Valentine's Day present, but it will surely make a statement," he added.

Want to look younger and sexier for your husband or boyfriend this Valentine's Day? Treat yourself to fantastic shades of Malibu Blue, Hot Pink, Brown and Auburn with Betty Color.

This unusual hair dye is specially formulated for pubic hair or "the hair down there" as the manufacturer politely calls it.

"Get rid of ALL your gray with the first safe color specially formulated for 'the hair down there.' This easy-to-use, no-drip formula colors naturally, covering gray and enhancing color to match your glorious locks above. Each kit contains one application of hair color, a tray, customized application wand, a mixing spatula, gloves and easy-to-follow instructions," said the people at BeBeautiful.Com.

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