Friday, July 31, 2009

The Benefits Of Making Your Own Biodiesel Fuel

By Bella Holly

Have you been thinking lately about your role in maintaining the environment? You might be wishing you could do something more to decrease the air pollution in your area. The good news is not only that you can, but it's easy!

By making biodiesel fuel yourself, you can not only save tons of money each year by not having to pay oil companies' skyrocketing prices, but you will also drastically cut down the emissions your car burns off.

A biodiesel processor is the best way to save money on the ever-rising costs of fossil fuels. For around 45 cents to $1.25 per gallon, you could produce your own biodiesel fuel that will burn safely in any diesel engine. If you don't have a diesel-fuelled vehicle, you might consider looking into having yours converted. You can contact your vehicle company and inquire if they know whether your model of car is able to be converted to a diesel engine.

Many types of biodiesel kits are available online, so there are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from. Most come with a drum, as well as a fuel filter and a nozzle. These make it a walk in the park to dispense the fuel into your gas tank. You don't have to worry about bumbling around with a plastic jug and funnel! The fuel processor is generally designed to move the methanol or ethanol (depending on which alcohol you use) from the drum over to the mixing tank.

Not only will you save money fueling your vehicle (and even heating your home, if you choose to do so!), there are certain tax rewards available from the Department of Energy. This means that your biodiesel fuel equipment would not only make traveling easier, but it will bring even more long-term savings! By now, you're probably seeing how a biodiesel fuel processor will soon pay for itself! So, what are you waiting for?

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