Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why People Smoke - The Peer Pressure Hook

By Howard Jaminson

Peer pressure and media are perhaps the reasons why smoking is very rampant nowadays.

The ones who were smoking during the World War 1 were the wealthy persons only, and they were using tobacco. The ones who were using cigarettes, which were leftovers of cigar making process, were the poor and the less fortunate.

The number of people who smoked cigarettes boomed when tobacco companies started to mass-produce them. Their clientele: soldiers of World War I. This marketing broadened of course after the war.

When I was doing some research when I found some ads from JAMA or The Journal of the American Medical Association, they promoted some brands. I saw one ad that showed a doctor who was promoting Camel. I was taken aback because he was a doctor and yet he was promoting a cigarette brand. I am assured after seeing that many might have been influenced by such, either men or women. If you were standing with a soldier would you think that he will not influence you?

Another JAMA ad was telling about how much better you will feel if you use the Chesterfield brand. This is what ads are doing; they try to convince you to use the product.

I knew that AMA did not do anything about this though they knew that evidences that smoking was really dangerous to health and could cause lung cancers was very imminent. Could it be that money was involves here?

Smoking has been very prevalent in the movies and especially in the 1950s and 1960s, on television. Even the actors were advertising various brands in commercials during a TV show. They made it seem classy and romantic.

Im sure you remember the Marlboro guy (a cow-boy). There were actually several men who portrayed that role in TV and in print, and some of them died because of lung cancer.

The tobacco companies have not been telling the truth for many years about the harmful effects of Nicotine and smoking. Luckily we were given enough information about these things and made some restrictions on cigarette ads.

If people around you are fund of smoking, there will be a chance that you will develop this habit too. An environment that goes easy on smoking has a possibility of producing large numbers of smokers. You will not want to be left out and want to be called uncool and become unaccepted in a group so you try what they are doing. This is peer pressure at work.

If you have been smoking for a number of years already, you may notice that you have already formed bondage in cigarette smoking. You will find them to give you comfort and calmness in times of stress. It becomes now a part of your life, thus making peer pressure stronger. Giving up smoking would feel like losing a friend.

One solution is to seek out activities to develop new friendships. Look for them in the work place, sports leagues, hobby groups and church. It is essential that you find people who live a clean life (free of the addiction that you are overcoming). . . and still can enjoy life!

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