Monday, July 20, 2009

Things To Remember When Filing A Car Accident Claim

By Bart Icles

Car accidents in general look the same: vehicles get damaged, tempers flare up, and blood pressures shoot up. But in truth, after the dust has settled, no two car accidents are exactly the same or alike - with each one having marked differences between them. That said, as accidents will always happen, the only thing one needs to do is to prepare for it's eventuality, and know how to go about making a Car Accident Claim should one fall victim to one.

Knowing the nature of car accidents is just one aspect that you should be aware of; you also have to watch out for insurance companies that quickly offer their services in making an accident claim in your behalf. As with accidents, so are there many nuances one has to contend with when coming face to face with a car accident insurance agent. These individuals have only one thing on their minds - commissions. So, do researches on the insurance companies you come across or who come your way like a shark to a prey.

Car accident claims are twofold: one for damage to your vehicle and your counterpart's; second is for injury or injuries you, your passengers, and third parties might have sustained. Much can be argued regarding such issues, with no clear cut or solid answers...except for what has actually transpired based on the attending police officer/'s on the scene. Driver details such as name, address, and contact number/s, insurance details such as coverage and validity, police reports and sketches, and in cases of hospitalization due to injuries, doctor's reports and certifications are important to acquire.

In cases when you were a passenger involved in a car accident, then the process in making a car accident injury claim will be relatively easier to do. Passengers in car accidents are considered at the no-fault side, so in all legal aspects you are and will never be liable for directly causing the accident to happen...unless of course you intentionally did something to directly cause the driver to fault in his driving, and therefore have the accident.

What compensation payments you are entitled to get are still subject to verification based on laws on road safety and regulations. If in case at the moment of the accident you were found not to have worn a seat belt, intoxicated, or talking on your cell phone, or the other way around - there's a penalty for it. Generally it's about a 25% deduction on your total compensation amount, or some other percentage rate depending on the final report of the investigating officer.

Contact a qualified Car Accident Lawyer for more information on procedures, payments, and fees on Car Accident Claims.

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