Monday, July 6, 2009

How To Pick Up Women - And Not Be Seen As A Creepy Guy

By Willis Combs

When meeting women the biggest obstacle to overcome is not being seen as a creepy guy. So here are a couple easy tips to use in order to be successful picking up women.

1. Smile

Creepy guys do not look women in the eyes and smile. When you smile at women you are just being nice and warm. Smiling is also a form of flirting. If a woman returns your smile she thinks you are cute. She will also be receptive to you approaching her and starting a conversation.

2. Talk to her

This is where you can really separate yourself from every other guy that has hit on her. Ask her questions such as where she is from, where she went to school, how big her family is. When she answers these questions it gives you material for further conversation.

For example, if she says she has two sisters then you can ask her if she is close with them, if she is the oldest, what her sisters do for work or if they have children. To avoid this being seen as an interview process, answer your own questions. For example tell her about your family after you have talked about hers.

3. No pressure

When you ask for her number, do not pressure her. Do not ask her to dinner or an event. Instead just say "it was nice to talk with you, do you want to get together sometime?"

If you ask her to dinner, it is a bit scary because you don't really know each other. Asking her to dinner will pressure her or scare her. This is because it could be a bad date and then you would both be stuck together for an entire meal.

You can also say "do you want to get a cup of coffee" or a drink. However I have asked a girl if she wanted to get together for a drink sometime and I think she had gotten a DUI because she did not give me her number.

We had chemistry regardless I suggest a cup of coffee or just sometime. That way you won't have to wonder if you didn't get her number just because you said drink and she happened to not drink or a similar situation to what happened to me.

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