Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Collect Cowboy Spurs

By Bill Anderson

Many people collect antiques as an investment for their future but others just collect items for the love and devotion to a particular subject, era or place. As well as the more popular vintage and antique items that people collect, there is also a strong number of people who love nothing more than to collect the original pieces of original American history.

American historic memorabilia is a highly collectible area and there are many different things that you can collect. Vintage clothing, money, gold or even cars - but collecting items owned by the cowboys that made America the country it is today brings great pride.

Cowboy spurs began to be used back in ancient Rome where they were used to control horses and were no more than a simple spike sticking out of the back of the riders foot. Through the years it has become a symbol of being a Cowboy and has become associated with the Wild West, gun fighting and rodeos. The spurs also changed to become a more fashionable item and the concept of custom made and designed spurs was born. Patterns, designs and images were added to make the spurs more attractive and possibly to show the wearers wealth.

Each maker of cowboy spurs had their own styles and designs. Each set of their spurs was also marked with their 'brand' or 'makers mark' to ensure that people knew who had made them. Today, the marks have become a good way to estimate the age of a set of vintage spurs and identify who has made them.

Through time, the processes and knowledge of making spurs dies with the people who made them famous. Also, as with any type of venture that ends up making money, larger and more powerful companies took over smaller home grown business and drove others to close down. Towards the end of the era of spur making, there was one large company, Renalde who owned the majority of the spur making industry.

There can be nothing better than owning items from Americas past history. These items from the wild west belonged to the fore fathers and founders of the great country that now towers over the rest of the world.

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