Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sources Of Hispanic Scholarship

By Ferdinand Emy

The Hispanics are the hardworking people who do odd jobs to make living and try to give better life to their children. Hispanics are first or second generations whose parents immigrated to America to live the American dream. They are the fastest growing community in America. And I applaud at how hard working and good they are in colleges, that they can certainly do well academically. To make sure that Hispanic students are not deprived of good education there are Hispanic scholarship. Getting a scholarship for Hispanics was like a dream before, but thanks to the corporate biggies like GM, CNN, Time Warner, Wachovia, NASCAR, MasterCard and others that made this dream a reality. These corporate biggies are offering Hispanic scholarship programs to the needy and deserving students.

Virtually all Hispanics are immigrants. Their parents have not even been to American schools and so are not aware of scholarships leave alone Hispanic scholarship. But they fail to do well financially. Besides many are not even eligible for other scholarships as the requirement is US nationals. That should not discourage you from applying for a Hispanic scholarship.

Some of the Latino organizations which work for the cause of the community and help students get the financial aid they need are Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, National Association of Hispanic journalists, Hispanic college fund and Hispanic Scholarship fund. These companies do not give scholarships directly but work with Hispanic organizations and support their Hispanic scholarship programs by giving them financial aid.

In spite of all the attempts put by these organizations the funds for Hispanic scholarship is still less when compared to deserving students who actually need it. As a result there are many Hispanic college drop outs. Unfortunately many students are not quite aware of the scholarships.

There are many Hispanic students who aspire to study in college and make a better life. But the education cost is beyond their reach. They are more so aware about the loans; they know that one can get a loan for almost anything and everything in America, so they apply for loans rather than scholarships. The secret to getting a scholarship is applying for as many as you can. No matter the amount as long as you have some money, apply for it, and get ready to kick start your college. And you never know which one you might get. Even if the students know about scholarships they have to manage everything on their own.

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