Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Practical Tips To Cure Panic Attacks Naturally.

By Samantha X Kelly

Given the negative side-effects of drug therapy, many people are turning to natural ways to cure panic attacks.

The modern day demanding life style has taken a toll on our health. Its rare to find a person who is not suffering from any health related problem these days. According to a survey, only in the US more than 19million people suffer from anxiety and other stress related disorders. Of course medicines are there to treat anxiety, but they have a serious adverse effect on our health. Thats why many people are turning to treat anxiety naturally which are effective and usually are free of any side-effect.

Its easy to treat anxiety naturally. Also there are several methods available for this natural anxiety treatment method. You can adopt any method as per your convenience and the severity of your anxiety problem. Some of the most frequently natural treatment methods are discussed as follows.

Self Help Once you identify your real problem and accept it, then its easy to treat anxiety naturally. Often people shy away from discussing their real problem fearing social ostracism. Remember, even if you suffer from anxiety and stress attack, there is nothing to be ashamed about. There are millions like you who also suffer from this mental disorder. And the best thing is, unlike some other terminal disease, anxiety is completely curable. Only you need to accept your problem and determine to get rid of it. Share your problem with family members or close friends; they give you moral support to fight anxiety.

Natural Herbs One of the most effective methods to treat anxiety naturally is medicinal herbs. St John's Wort, Kava Kava, Valerian, Gotu Kola, Inositol are some of the prominent plant sources which have potential anti-anxiety treatment properties. But by simply taking these herb extract supplement wont be enough to fight off anxiety, you need to include proper diet and regular exercise into your daily regimen.

Meditation Nothing heals your stress and provides you relief from anxiety like meditation. Meditation appeals to the deep mental level of the practitioners and brings mental peace and calmness. The process involves concentration of mind in one thing so as to support the mental and spiritual development.

Besides these, there are various other ways to treat anxiety naturally. A few of them are discussed briefly below:

# A positive outlook often helps to overcome the negative emotions.

# Its very important to have adequate amount of sleep. A goodnights sleep often helps to ward off the day-to-day stresses.

# Try to get adequate sleep; a goodnights sleep is really helpful to ward off stress in everyday life.

# Massage therapy enhances blood circulation to tissues and provides relief from anxiety.

# Aromatherapy is also helpful for treatment of anxiety problem. The fragrances of essential oils stimulate our body and mind and provide relief from anxiety.

# To treat anxiety naturally, massage therapy is also very helpful. It enhances blood circulation and thus patients get relief from the stressful thoughts. An ancient Japanese messaging technique, Shiastu, is frequently used massage therapy for anxiety.

# Shiastu is a Japanese messaging technique to treat anxiety without medication. It involves flow of energy through mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level of the patient.

# Hypnotherapy can treat physical pain and mental sickness with hypnosis. This clinical treatment method is applied on the patient when the patient is in the state of relaxation.

Considering the inconveniences associated with medicines and drug therapy, its always safer to treat anxiety naturally; the natural methods are effective and they dont contain any potential side effects.

All natural treatment for panic attack share the same requirement - patient, time and effort. Without this elements, those cures for panic attacks are useless, and it is not how to treat panic attacks instantly, is how effective the end result can be...

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