Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Housing Solicitors And Law

By Pri Vag

There are many issues which are related to housing and a wide variety of disputes which are prevalent within the housing industry. Solicitors are now playing a more prominent when advising people and landlords on their rights.

The Solicitors in have considerable experience in dealing with a variety of issues including housing disrepair, squatter proceedings, mortgage possession actions and more. These expertise are now invaluable to society in general and will continue to play a major role as cases related to mortgage possession actions for example continue to rise.

In emergency cases solicitors are able to exercise devolved power and grant a client public funding (subject to eligibility) to enable representation for any proceedings. Emergency cases are extreme situations but solutions need to be found in these cases. Therefore solicitors ability exercise devolved power and grant a client public funding is a wonderful way to resolve any issues.

When a tenant leaves their rented dwelling all sorts of issues do and can arise. The most common areas of problems are generally related to disrepair actions as tenants often leave the premises in a bad stated.

This is especially the case of student accommodation and rental properties. For me, this type of investment has the most risk because as students leave the rented place after one year there are a whole host of problems which can arise and this can leave a huge whole in you wallet.

Having concentrated on the landlords side, there are also issues that can arise for the tenant as well. Solicitors can also represent both landlords as well as tenants in relation to possession proceedings, disrepair actions and all other areas of Landlord and Tenant based Law. In addition these problems are more common think, and so make sure you seek the right advice if these problems arise.

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