Monday, June 29, 2009

ADD Symptoms Tips

By Anne Durrell

Recognizing the different and understanding the different types of ADD Symptoms can help ensure that you or your kid gets the correct treatment.

Different Warning Signs

There are three different categories for ADHD Symptoms, they are:

* Inattention

* Restless

* Impulsivity

On the other hand, ADD only causes the distraction symptoms.

Treating a patient for ADHD when they have ADD is overmedicating and could lead to further issues. In many cases, the stories about Ritalin and other ADHD treatment medications that cause a child to be zombie-like are probably linked directly to medicating children with only ADD with the wrong medication or wrong doses, thinking that they have ADHD.

Inattention Symptoms

With ADD the only type of warning signs that will be showed are inattentiveness symptoms, and they are include:

* Cannot concentrate to details

* Offhand mistakes

* Easily unfocused

* Cannot pay attention

* Trouble following information

* Cannot finish the tasks

* Uncontrolled

* Forgetful

Diagnosing ADD can help a child get a grasp on things and start to be able to focus. A child that is treated for ADD will begin to do better in school and have better behavior overall.

In many situations, parents believe that their child could not be ADD because they can sit for hours doing something they enjoy without being distracted.

The truth is that a child with ADD can concentrate when they like what they are doing because it does not require them to put effort into paying attention and being focused like an activity they do not like does.

ADD will get worse as the child gets older, or at least continue to cause troubles with school as well as other activities. By the time, it has progressed into another thing that is perhaps causing all around troubles in the kid's life.

It is actually a lot better to recognized ADD in younger children so that they can get used to taking medication as well as learn how to handle ADD symptoms.

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