Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fool-proof Ways How To Get An Ex Back

By Nikki Frost

When learning how to get an ex back, the approach you take really depends on whether you are trying to get back a man or a woman.

Girls tend to leave a relationship if their emotions and feelings are not being supported, so how to get back with your ex girlfriend or wife will require you to appeal to your woman's emotions.

Guys tend to leave a relationship if it becomes stale or claustrophobic. So how to get an ex back that was a boyfriend or husband, you will need to show him that you have changed for the better.

In either case, to learn how to win back your ex, you should start by giving your ex some time alone before contacting them again. After you have made the first contact - whether it be by phone, email or text message - slowly increase the occurrence of contacting your ex, until they cannot wait to see you again.


When you contact your ex, you need to show her that you value and respect her emotions and points of view by paying close attention and listening to what she says. This will also help you notice any non-verbal signals, such as her tone of voice or body language for how to get an ex back.


You can learn how to win your ex back by spending time with your ex - this allows you to get him involved in activities you used to enjoy doing as a couple. This will remind him of what he is missing out on, and he wil see how much fun you used to have together.

Seeing him in person also gives you the opportunity to show your ex all the changes you have made that will benefit the relationship. As long you do not talk about the break up, or constantly ask him to reveal his emotions, he will not have any reason to push you away, making it easier for you to know how to win back your ex.

Advice For Both Sexes:

This next piece of advice applies equally to guy and girls who want to know how to get back with your ex. If you let yourself go a little in the relationship - such as putting on weight, or being lazy about your appearance - put some time and effort into getting fit again and looking your best. Nothing makes your ex notice you more that seeing you in prime shape and looking great.

Any changes you happen to make in trying to get your ex back, must be maintained in the rekindled relationship. Otherwise you risk the relationship failing again and causing you and your partner further heartache. Make sure all improvements you make are sustainable if you want to know how to get an ex back.

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