Friday, June 26, 2009

Blues Guitar Lessons DVDs: Be Your Own Teacher

By Adam Suggs

If you are just beginning guitar, then you have taken the first step towards a very rewarding and interesting hobby. I have been playing acoustic guitar for nearly 20 years, and I can honestly tell you, looking back, I have never regretted the hours of sweat and toil I have put into it. "Sweat and toil?", you ask. Well yes, I'm afraid so.

Before you get a teacher, remember that you are going to give this person your time and more importantly, your money. So make sure the teacher is a good one before you invest. Go online, see if you can find any write-ups on them, check the papers, ask around, talk to friends. But make sure the teacher is a good one and has a good reputation. Your teacher should be patient, understanding and above all else, professional!

If you take your tuning one and a half steps or two steps down your guitar is now sounding menacing. If you want to tune your guitar any lower than two steps down, a longer than normal neck will stop the strings from moving around too much. Once you have got an idea of the guitar players you should be listening to and watching, you will be able to go looking for bluegrass guitar tabs.

But be careful, cuz it's easy to pick up bad habits from them. It may be that this pro is a natural like you, but one that didn't take lessons, or spend months and years perfecting his technique. So I recommend you get the Blues Lessons DVD.

These tips should help you get started, and if you're serious about taking some guitar lessons for beginners don't waste another second and check out this review for an award winning guitar course that I recommend. Another characteristic of Metal guitar is the use of drop tunings. If you play Metal your guitar should be tuned low. It gives you a totally different kind of control over your strings, your sound is more aggressive and you can do more with hammer-ons and tapping.

It's natural to lose your initial enthusiasm, but it would be a shame to stop using such a valuable tool with so much potential for making you a really good guitar player. Backing tracks need to be used in conjunction with your planned guitar practice sessions. If you are learning a solo or some licks from a CD or guitar tabs, play them with your backing as soon as you have the material in your memory.

These communities bring together a wide array of different types of guitar players, including people with different experience and ability levels. These environments often prove great grounds through which novices can learn more about guitar playing and more advanced players can improve their skills by assisting others. These sites can prove to be win-win venues all around.

It used to be that you practiced alone until other friends or band members found the time to get together to jam. With backing tracks you can jam any time you want. Make use of this tool and enjoy it.

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