Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hydrogen Generator For Cars Can Improve Mileage

By Adrian Fletcher

Try to visualize a mini power generation plant that can fit into your car that will produce all the fuel you'll ever need to drive around. The extent of the benefits of hydrogen generator for cars is enormous. More cost effective than gasoline, hydrogen fuel offers better mileage and reduces nasty emissions to almost zero.

You can't get around making your own hydrogen fuel if you don't happen to live close to a facility that produces hydrogen fuel from which you can get your fuel. There are not many fueling stations for hydrogen fuel in most localities, which is a large disadvantage of deciding to convert to run on hydrogen.

Hydrogen gas can be produced by using electrolysis in water. Electrolysis works by passing currents of electricity through water and this separates the hydrogen gas from the water other elements like oxygen. You can then use the hydrogen gas to power an automobile provided some modifications have been performed. Making your own hydrogen generator for cars can be accomplished by installing a converter that will produce hydrogen gas from water. Plans for the kits, dubbed as water for gas systems are readily available for purchase online.

There is more than one way to make use of a hydrogen generator for cars. You can install a combination system that uses hydrogen produced by a small electrolysis system that gets its power from the existing electrical system in your vehicle. A system to make hydrogen fuel can be made from already designed plans using regular materials that can be found at hardware stores, but some of the more intricate parts need to be special ordered. Complete on-board generator systems are the other possiblity for generating enough hydrogen to be the sole source of fuel.

The hybrid approach reduces both the gasoline consumed by your vehicle and the amount of emissions your vehicle puts out. This saves both money and the environment. This method produces a small amount of hydrogen gas that is fed into your vehicle induction system via the inlet manifold which is fed into the gasoline air/fuel mixture into your vehicle.

You can replace your vehicle's gasoline requirements wholly with hydrogen fuel by putting in place a hydrogen generator for cars, which produces enough fuel to power the vehicle. You'll need a miniature electrolysis system for such generation and facilities to store both the generated hydrogen as well as the electrolysis system. A few modifications are necessary to implement to make this complex and expensive method for the production of hydrogen fuel. But when it is complete you get a zero emission vehicle and you pay about two-thirds less than what gasoline-powered version would cost to drive.

All things being equal, it makes better sense and is more cost-effective at this point in time to have a hybrid hydrogen generator for cars. There is a limited amount of stations that offer hydrogen fueling and it is hard to repair a hydrogen generator right now, therefore going hybrid appears the safer choice. Indeed, it makes no sense buying a car and then converting it to hydrogen. Let the car manufacture wear this cost as they will also probably provide a warranty. You may void your current warranty if you go down this route. Rather try the hybrid option as this should not void the warranty and is fairly easy to install.

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