Sunday, June 7, 2009

What is an assault? What is a battery?

By Gus Kalakis

Facing criminal assault charges is a very serious matter. Some jurisdictions carry stiff penalties for criminal assault convictions. That is why it is essential to know what a criminal assault is, and what types of penalties are associated with criminal assault in your area. A criminal lawyer can help you understand these important points. A criminal assault may arise any time a person acts to unlawfully cause violence against some other person.

Like criminal assault, a criminal battery may result is harsh legal consequences. The laws of many jurisdictions impose serious penalties, including significant jail time for the crime of battery. While there are many types of batteries, the general rule is that if you cause physical harm by acting violently, you may be guilty of a battery.

Assault and battery covers the full spectrum of incidents involving violence of one person against another. There are far too many types of assault and battery to name them all. However, it is important to recognize that these types of incidents may range from the very common altercations to very serious incidents that include serious violence or even torture.

Many areas have slight modifications of the typical assault and battery rules. In some places, people convicted of multiple assault and battery charges may face incrementally worse punishment from first time offenders. If you are facing investigation and/or charges for assault or battery, it is very important to talk to a legal professional near you.

As previously stated, facing assault and battery charges is not something you want to face alone. Talking with a legal professional who handles assault and battery cases, is your best chance to obtain a favorable outcome in your case. Don't get railroaded by an over zealous police force or an ambitious your prosecutor. Protect your legal rights.

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