Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't Be Left in the Dark with Useless Homemade Solar Panel Instructions

By Andrew Keith

If you are one of the growing number of people these days who are "going green," then you may have thought about looking into homemade solar power as a source of energy. On the surface, it sounds like a great idea.

There are several ways in which these homemade solar panel instructions keep you from getting the job done. For one thing, they can be very vague, full of unclear instructions that lead to mass confusion when trying to install homemade solar panels.

But as it turns out, the homemade solar panels purveyors often turn out to be little more than scam artists, and their books and manuals usually try to entice people to waste their hard-earned money on additional products that you don't really need. They promise you the moon (or in this case, the sun) but generally don't deliver on the hype, and in some cases, their systems generate little power, if any, at all. They try to sell you on science "concepts" that are taught to elementary school students and pass them off as innovative technology.

Many times the instruction manuals offered by these fly by night outfits do very little instructing, and their vague directions do nothing more than confuse the reader. And when you need help, they offer little in the way of customer service, if they even have a customer service department at all. In the end, unless you know what you are doing, homemade solar panels can end up costing you a lot of money and produce little or no energy. The key is to learn about solar panels from someone who already learned from his mistakes and is willing to pass this vital knowledge on to you.

Through his own trials and tribulations with homemade solar power, Andrew Keith has become an expert in this area. He has spent thousands of dollars on solar panels and manuals that simply did not produce results.

Through his own experiences, Andrew will show you how to avoid costly mistakes and learn how to take advantage of an excellent source of supplemental power.

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