Saturday, June 13, 2009

Future Stanford Admits: Learn How To Take AP Tests

By John Chang

If you are a high school student, you know about Advanced Placement (AP) tests. Of course, some students are international students (for more information on that, click here). Still other students are in the IB program. But for the most part, students entering college will be taking AP classes and AP tests.

Here is some information you will want to know about AP tests:

1) Take as many AP classes as you have the time for. Having lots of AP classes on your transcript makes a good impression and conveys your academic ability.

2) Don't put off taking your AP tests. Start as soon as possible. They are not really all that hard.

3) Don't take too many AP tests. Take as many AP classes as you can, but just take enough tests to make a good showing. Remember that you don't have to have perfect AP scores to be accepted at Harvard. With AP tests, as well as SAT and GPA, you just have to pass an average level.

4) Generally speaking, it is a better idea to take a smaller number of AP tests and get higher scores, rather than taking a greater number of tests with lower scores. Yale, for example, is interested in knowing that you do well at what you attempt, not that you do as much as possible.

5) If you have some AP tests planned, but haven't taken them yet, be sure to note that on your Common Application. The fact that this information is beneficial to your application is a little known insider's tip.

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Remember these three tips: Take a lot of AP classes. Get your tests out of the way early. Go for a few high quality test results, rather than lots of mediocre test results. By using this strategy, you will do well.

Any college that is considering you will be impressed by high AP scores. Your high performance on these tests lets schools know that you can handle the demands of high-level college work. Ivy League want students who show academic excellence.

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