Friday, June 5, 2009

Top Tips To Help You Complete Your Dissertation

By James Creton

For sure, one of your biggest worries before you finish your doctorate education is how to complete your dissertation. Writing a dissertation can be a daunting task for many doctorate students, what with the endless surveys and the piles of books and other research materials to be read and analyzed. It is not uncommon for dissertation writers to spend sleepless nights working on their research, surveys, and analyses.

You might be wondering if there are ways to help you complete your dissertation earlier than your deadline. When it comes to dissertation writing and your education, working hard is good-but working smart is much better. Working smart involves using effective strategies to complete your dissertation on time. That means you should know where, when, and how you can work best on your dissertation. Consider these factors when making a timetable for your dissertation so that you can be sure that every hour spent for it is productive.

First, accept that you will need a lot of time in writing your dissertation. Preparing yourself mentally, emotionally and physically for this will help get you ready to research and write. Completing your dissertation does not happen overnight; rather, it takes discipline and good time management.

If you choose to work more often at home, steer clear of any distraction such as TV and loud music. If possible, avoid turning your bedroom into your working space. Working on your dissertation would be a lot difficult because you are likely to feel sleepy in your bedroom.

Research, as you have learned in your education, is the key factor in writing your dissertation, and it entails a lot of discipline as well, as sometimes you will need to spend hours and hours reading literatures, or being out in the field. Doing things one step at a time will guarantee results, as it will help you from feeling overwhelmed.

Give yourself a break every now and then so that you will be able to free your mind from any clutter as well as let your body and mind recharge. By not letting yourself get easily stressed out, you will actually be able to accomplish more work and maybe even have fun doing your dissertation.

You probably prefer to research and write on the same day, or you opt to do all your research first before you proceed with writing. As much as you can, schedule your other tasks, chores, and errands wisely so that you have ample productive time for working on your dissertation. Using your time wisely is indeed essential in any aspect of doctorate education.

Determine the work methods that make you productive. Devise strategies to help you complete your dissertation fast. Think of the work methods you used in the past that made you get more work done. Find out what works and do it. For example, organizing your workspace can help de-clutter your thoughts. Some people put photos of their significant others to cheer them up and inspire them into getting their dissertation job done.

These suggestions can help you develop your own strategies for your dissertation and education work. Just remember that hard work alone is not enough. Working smart as well helps you figure out how to complete your dissertation on your target date. That way, you make sure that you complete your post-graduate education on time.

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