Saturday, June 20, 2009

What's a Disability Lawyer Got to Do with You?

By Pants McAdams

You are surgeon and become inflicted with a disease making it impossible to perform surgeries ever again. You are still able to work in the office as a medical doctor, but your days of surgery are over. You decide that you need to file a disability claim seeing how you have become disabled from your life's work. The insurance company decides to deny your claim stating that your are still physically able to work therefore are not rendered disabled. What should you do? Should you listen to the insurance company and take their decision as final? I think not. You are unable to keep your standard of life. You need help fighting the insurance company. This is where a disability lawyer can help you.

A disability lawyer can help you to file an appeal against your insurance company and fight for you to make sure that you get the health benefits you deserve. You have spent your entire life learning to be a surgeon and all of a sudden you are unable to perform surgeries due to a disease. This constitutes a disability to maintain the income and lifestyle that you have grown accustomed to. You deserve benefits from the insurance company you have been paying so long to protect you.

If the appeal that your disability lawyer files seems to go no where, they begin to prepare for a lawsuit. They will gather any and all evidence necessary to prove that you are disabled and should be given health benefits. They will also prepare you for any problems or situations that may arise. They will fight for you every step of the way to make sure that you get what you deserve and that the insurance company keeps their end of the policy.

Its been proven that individuals that utilize a disability lawyer have a 600% greater success rate in their disability claims. Don't let insurance companies get away with taking your premiums and not pay out when you need them to.

Its sad that insurance has become such a one way street. Don't let them take advantage of you, get the help you need from a disability lawyer and let them get you the settlement you deserve.

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gareth batty said...

While the time it takes from the date of the application to the point of the second denial varies, the typical case will take from two to four months. The second appeal, the request for hearing before an ALJ, starts another clock running, and the file is transferred to another branch of the determination processors.
If the SSA has not already had you examined by a medical specialist, you may have a medical examination scheduled now. More medical records may be requested for review, and your case is then placed in line for calendaring an ALJ hearing. This second round of processing takes many months and it will probably total about eight months from the time you request an ALJ hearing to the hearing date itself.

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