Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boston Spanish Language Courses

By Sheri Park

Over the past decade the fluent Spanish speaking population has increased significantly, making Spanish one of the most widely spoken languages. In 2008, the estimated Spanish speaking population was over 450,000 people in over 22 countries. Of this astounding number, 34% live in North America. North America has the third highest Spanish speaking population in all the world!

Today is the day to take advantage of learning new skills in a Spanish language class in Boston. Your personal or professional goals for learning Spanish are possible. It is becoming increasingly important in professions such as health care, medical fields, business, and education for you to know how to speak Spanish. You deserve to learn Spanish in the best setting with the most professional staff. At HablEspana, all we do is teach Spanish, which is why we are experts in the field. You will enjoy your experience and time with us and you will speak Spanish when you leave us.

HablEspana is located in downtown Boston making it an ideal place for those who live or work in town. For those outside of the city our offices are accessible by public transportation making it easy to get to and from. Boston is an ideal city to take a Spanish language course. Boston is a diverse city with a large Spanish speaking population and there an authentic cultural feel in so many neighborhoods here.

In order to find the ideal Boston Spanish language course for you you need to decide what is important to you and your goals. Perhaps you want to learn Spanish in a part-time way to fit around your work schedule. Or maybe your goals make an intensive program better suited for you. At HablEspana we have a curriculum that is individualized and offer part-time, semi-intensive, and intensive programs that run every four weeks all year long.

HablEspana offers unparalleled expertise instructing the Spanish language to corporate and organizational groups, from basic communication (Hola, "cmo ests?) to advanced sales techniques for specific countries. Please consider what our classes can do: Spanish classes can be tailored to your specific needs, including materials and vocabulary. By emphasizing conversation and role-playing in the Spanish Language, the classes are fun and effective. We can use our or your company's material to teach Financial, Health Services, or Marketing Spanish. This is the knowledge you need to advance your career in a world in which speaking Spanish is necessary, desired, and widely used. HablEspana is the right place for you to learn, experience, and speak Spanish.

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