Friday, June 5, 2009

Preparing for College

By Alexis Nunez

Going to college is both challenging and nerve-wracking so preparation is the key to success. But you need not be intimidated by the responsibilities it poses to you. If you know how to prepare for college, then you'll enter university life with a lot more confidence than others.

You need to know that college is a lot of work and you'll be dealing with hectic schedules everyday. But once you get through the first year, you'll soon find yourself going with the flow more easily. You just need to work on those nerves when you first hit the pavement outside your house to wave goodbye to your parents.

Get used to juggling many things at one time including work, school and volunteer assignments. You can take up summer jobs or summer internships, which will help you prepare for heavy workloads during your college years. You can also explore different universities to get the feel of the environment.

Learn the ins and outs of scholarship application. College is an expensive education and the pressure of having to look for tuition when you're already starting the year will make you feel stressed out and lose your focus.

Don't limit your option to one school. Everybody would want to get into the best schools but sometimes it isn't just possible. Keep an eye out for other schools that you think are the second best to get into if you won't be able to get into your first choice. Don't think of it as a rejection. Other schools can still offer quality education.

Look for a place to stay. You can stay in dorms and make sure that you find it comfortable enough for your student life. You can get in touch with your roommates before the school year begins so you can build rapport and get along with each other immediately when you start living together.

Social networks can be a valuable tool in your preparation for college. You'll be surprised at just how many college students are willing to help freshmen adjust to college life. You can also meet fellow students through social network and you can share ideas on what you're looking forward to.

Get organized. This isn't high school anymore. You need to get things in order to be able to cope up. You'll also need a gadget like a quality laptop so you can optimize your studying options. Researches are much easier to do with a good laptop. If you haven't decided what to major in, take classes that you think will be helpful to you in choosing what you really want to take up.

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