Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Basics Of Protein And Alpha Lipoic Acid

By Simon Gray

Proteins are synthesized from simple amino acids by organelles called ribosomes. Proteins function as structural, carrier, and enzymatic molecules. Healthy collagen is the structural protein that keeps our skin from wrinkling' Albumen is the carrier protein that transports drugs and other substances to the various parts of our body. Lipase is the enzymatic protein that breaks down lipids (fats).

It may surprise individuals that protein is actually consistent in many foods. Protein are very complex and are a lot more involved then simple amino acids. Structuraly proteins fold back onto themselves thus forming complicated and comprehensive molecules. Protein elements called proteases and these physically break down the proteins.

The remaining amino acids are then utilised to construct new proteins or to facilitate the breaking down of simple sugar elements to burn as fuel, and believe it or not alpha lipoid acid (ALA) is essential for the transport of the sugar elements into the mitochondrion.

The structure of alpha lipoic acid ensures that it is indeed soluble in water and fat which enables the product to reach the brain and other parts which are normally unreachable. Alpha lipoic acid is a major player in a detox market and it is because of the highly productive nature of the antioxidant.

It is impossible to get the fuel across the mitochondrial membrane without AIA. ALA must carry it across this membrane and prepare it for fuel burning and thus the production of energy.

Our recent ancestors ate from a menu rich in fresh foods: vegetables, fruits, and almost raw meats-all foods rich in antioxidants. Today, most of the food that people eat is processed in some way to ensure an attractive, shelf-stable, product. What does this mean for our diets?

So is processed food still good for us? Well processed food can be good for us depending on how the food has been treated prior to being processed. If for instance the food has used fruit and vegetables which has been sprayed with pesticides and poisons which then has a knock on effect on you.

To stay healthy, it is important to supplement properly because supplements can make a whole wide array of difference. The supplement which is known as being the best available currently is alpha lipoic acid. Alpha lipoic acid capsules are very popular in todays market and most people should seriously consider this supplement.

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