Friday, May 29, 2009

Wind Turbines and the Amount of Electricity that They Can Generate

By John Ashbury

The amount of electricity that the wind can generate in wind powered systems depend on many factors. These many factors include the wind, the generator used, what the power is used for, and much more.

With the amount of damage done to the environment becoming more and more evident and impacting our lives in ever greater ways, many people are trying different ways that do not harm the environment. People use many different ways of generating power. We burn coal, petroleum, and propane but there are other ways that do not negatively impact upon the environment, namely solar energy and wind power. Because the wind is a very cost efficient way of generating electricity, more and more countries around the world are using it for their energy needs.

Of course, since we are discussing wind powered systems it stands to reason that main requirement you will need is sufficient wind. Unfortunately the wind does not blow every single day out of a year and in some areas they do not experience much wind. But you need it for wind turbines. If you live in area where the wind blows often then you will know that your system will be able to create and store enough energy for your needs. Because the wind does not blow constantly you will not be able to rely on the system to provide your energy needs all the time. However, it certainly is an excellent supplement. For the average home the system should supply your needs or else certainly supplement your current energy supply.

The generator that you use is another very important factor to consider. Wind powered systems make use of a generator to create and store energy from the wind. These generators come in different sizes. If you use a large generator you will end up with more energy stored that you can use in and around your home. Smaller generators, on the other hand, will not be able to provide a lot of energy.

Take kinetic watches, for example. Withing these types of watches is a tiny generator. It uses wind that is created through the movement of your arm. Because the watch is small it does not use that much energy, however, if your arm is immobile for any length of time, the watch will end up running out of energy. Wind turbines work in the same way. If there is little or no wind at all, the system is unable to store any energy.

Depending on what the energy that has been stored is used for will be a major contributing factor to the efficacy of the system. Invariably people with these wind turbines installed in their homes get to enjoy a saving of around twenty percent on the electricity bill. The average household does not use that much energy and so their the needs mean that the wind turbine will significantly reduce their dependence on the traditional electricity supply.

If you are considering installing a wind turbine one your property do not neglect to take into account the contributing factors such as wind, generator, etc, as discussed above. This will help you to work out how much of a saving you can expect.

Wind energy is an excellent source of electricity and a natural way to provide electricity. The amount of energy that should only be expected to receive through this type of system is only 20% of what you normally receive.

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