Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why IVA's Let You Repay Only What Debt You Can Afford?

By Jon Hunter

If you are in money owing and it has become very hard for you to handle your debts and repayments to a degree that you cannot manage efficiently any longer, then the best alternative you can consider to turn to is an Individual Voluntary Agreement which is usually known as an IVA. IVA essentially binds you in an agreement with the creditor and lets you pay only what you are able to afford practically (keeping your present situation into view).

One of the finest and most feasible ways to evade bankruptcy when you cannot manage your periodic repayments is to get an IVA. When you have an IVA, then you agree with your creditors to make payments on your arrears, and these repayments are merely which you can without difficulty manage and not more than that.

IVA is carried out through an Insolvency Practitioner who has a license. The proposal made by the practitioner is negotiated with the creditors and a settlement is reached. The basic reason due to which you are able to pay whatever you can afford is that, if in other circumstances you are not able to make the repayments, you would have to declare bankruptcy and the cost of that claim is more for the creditors.

Under a typical IVA, you would agree to pay an amount of money for a specified period of time and the payments have to be monthly. The amount would be as close to what you can afford easily. The greatest advantage of having an IVA is that you would be able to make payments you can afford. This would not only be financially suitable for you but would also keep your creditor from taking any action against you.

The very cause that makes an IVA practicable for you and the creditor is the fact that it saves the creditor from sustaining the cost of filing a claim against you, and you can make payments inline with your circumstance and be money owing free in matter of some years.

No matter if you have one creditor or more than one to whom you are indebted to, you can obtain an IVA with all of them. This attaches you and your creditors in an official conformity. The Insolvency Practitioner that you sign up for the function of carrying out the conformity would make the tender on your behalf.

This would give you the benefit as the payment plan is made by considering your financial situation. Hence, the payments you have to make are closest to your financial circumstances. An IVA is the most suitable way for both the creditor and the indebted to manage the debt, and it offers the best way to deal with the debt.

The one dealing with the money owing has the benefit that the money owing becomes comparatively easier to deal with, and other than the living costs you can spend the money on paying off the money owing. This implies that an IVA goes in support of both the creditor and the indebted.

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