Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dogs improve psychological well-being

By Emma Peterson

You may not know it but having pet Yorkies can be beneficial to your health and well-being. This has been proven by various tests and studies conducted by different agencies.

Here are some helpful advice on how owning a yorkie can be good for your health and well being. The concept of using yorkies in promoting health and well being of an individual has become a popular method of self help.

Pet therapy has proven various benefits it can have on a wide range of patients. Owning Yorkies has proven to be a less costly method of self-help for patients with AIDS or cancer, senior citizens, or those with mental disorders.

According to the 2007 database of Therapy Dogs International, there are currently 18,000 therapy dogs registered with the agency. The aim of this organization is to control, test, and register therapy dogs as well as their handlers for the purpose of therapeutic visitations.

Yorkshire terriers can provide a source of companionship and offers temporary relief from discomfort and suffering throughout the history of various cultures. The health benefits of owning yorkies have been studied for the past 40 years.

The benefits of owning a yorkie to the health and well being of an individual has been under study for the past 40 years. The most likely recipients of yorkie therapy are the children and the elderly.

They offer a wide range of psychological benefits such as being emotionally connected, relief from stress, and reduced feelings of loneliness and being alone. Yorkie therapy is useful in the treatment of social or emotional difficulties and problems with communication.

In addition, the body's immune system can also benefit from pet yorkies. Yorkshire terriers develop an individual's sense of well being.

Yorkies can be counted on for help when needed, provide unconditional love, and will always hide your secrets. Yorkies can be good companions and can be a strong source of comfort.

Considering yorkie therapy is more affordable than anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medicines. Since women are more susceptible to depression and anxiety, they can likewise gain benefit from owning a yorkie.

In a study by the Waltham Center for Nutrition and the Food and Drug Administration, owning pet yorkies is effective in reducing stress during traumatic or adverse situations compared to those who do not own yorkies. Varying factors brings about stress and pet yorkies can put an end to these agents by decreasing the potential of stress as well as high blood pressure.

Yorkie visitation in a nursing home or hospital likewise helps improve the mood and social communication of the patients. A study conducted by the UCLA showed that owners of yorkies require less medical attention for aches and pains associated with stress.

Yorkies in nursing homes and hospitals is beneficial to the mood and social communication of the patients. A UCLA research revealed that owners of yorkies require minimal medical attention for stress-related aches and pains.

Walking the dog and a strong desire to take care of their pets was a determiner of success among terminally ill patients. Terminally ill patients will have a bigger reason for survival paving their way for an extended life span.

In the end, considering a pet yorkie is a wiser investment than buying medicines which can have side effects and more costly. If you are thinking about adopting any dog, especially a yorkie, consider a cute, cuddly Yorkshire terrier.

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