Thursday, May 28, 2009

How To Choose Dissertation Research Topics

By John Wright

Writing a dissertation is a totally new experience for every doctoral candidate. You have spent several years in doctorate education poring over numerous books and journals, completing lab projects, and writing research papers. But a dissertation is completely different. It signals your shift from being a student to being a career person.

Compared to your past academic works, your dissertation requires more independence on your part. You have to work and think about everything on your own, and that includes choosing a good topic for your dissertation.

Remember, numero uno on the basics of choosing dissertation topics is to always have a clear-cut plan. As you will be using your dissertation to get you the satisfying career, then choose a dissertation topic that will get you pumped up for your future career. Choose something that is relevant to your field of work and also consider what future employers would be most interested in.

This way, not only will the interviewers from the company that you are going to apply at will be impressed with your Masters or Doctorate degree, but they will also be incredibly pleased to find that you have field of expertise is truly something that their company/business will truly be able to benefit from - especially in the long run.

By keeping this goal in mind, then you can actually become more inspired to get started on checking out possible dissertation topics that you can do.

The next tip on the basics of choosing dissertation topics is to pick out a dissertation topic that you are absolutely in love with. This way you will be more inspired to start conducting your research on the topic as well as become more creative in writing your dissertation. While yes, you are doing the dissertation to help you get ahead at work but you also have to remember that you are also doing the dissertation for yourself.

Instead of concentrating on unearthing an undiscovered book, inventing the cure for AIDS, or simply writing a dissertation which will captivate the whole world, think of your capabilities and limitations. To put it simply: keep it real. A well-written dissertation which gives people some insights will be infinitely better than a sloppy, fragmented dissertation which does not really solve or show anything substantial.

Choose a unique topic-something that has never been done before. Originality and creativity are essential features of any dissertation topic. Your research should be the first of its kind in your field. Do a thorough research to ensure that your topic stands out from the rest of the pack. Choose a topic that is interesting and familiar to your dissertation advisor.

You also have to consider your advisor when choosing your topic for dissertation. How can your advisor possibly help you if he does not know anything about your topic? If that is the case, you may opt to change your advisor rather than to change your dissertation topic.

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