Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Would You Want to Appoint a Hydroxycut Advocate?

By Tracy Cervantes

Lawsuits are being filed against the pharmaceutical company Iovate Medical Sciences thanks to a number of cases of liver damage and one death that are being linked to the application of the diet aid Hydroxycut. The drug was recalled by the FDA in May, 2009 and is no longer recommended for use. Since the FDA doesn't officially control diet products like Hydroxycut, it's unknown what quantity of people may very well be suffering serious complications from using the drug. With up to 9,000,000 doses of the drug having been sold yearly over the last decade, there could probably be plenty of victims who haven't reported their problems. If you suspect you could be one of them, see your GP, and then hire a Hydroxycut lawyer.

Being sick is expensive. Some of the folks that have suffered liver damage from taking Hydroxycut have been compelled to have expensive liver transplants and may be taking medicines for life. They may no longer be ready to work. For people that do not have medical insurance, this is going to be a financially-devastating situation. Liver damage can also lead to liver failure and even death.

There's no way the gullible public should have to foot the bills on their lonesome without help from the company who manufactures the tablets and reaps the big profits. That is the fact that numerous product litigation lawyers have researched the problems in a position to be able to represent the victims. You will be able to find a Hydroxycut barrister in your area or you can look online for directories that will help you find one.

The bottom line of this entire debacle is that the pharmaceutical company should have tested the product thoroughly and resolved safety issues prior to releasing it to the public. That is the moral duty of all companies who market diet products. The fact that the company used the statement the products were made from all natural ingredients in their promotional strategy may also be construed as misleading. We've all been conditioned to believe that natural is safe and good, and the words lull folks into a feeling of complacency.

Have you taken Hydroxycut in the past to help lose weight or build muscles? If you have, you need to observe for the symptoms. Though the percentage of people with problems compared to the amount of pills that have been sold is very small, there's no way to understand who will develop problems from taking the drug. Any one that has taken the product could have sustained damage, not only to their liver, but also to their heart. You must be aware of the possibility so you can protect yourself more from serious problems.

In the early stages liver damage reveals itself with fatigue, weakness, revulsion, intestinal pain, blurry vision, dark urine, and loss of appetite. As the disease progresses, the patient may develop jaundice, or a yellowing of the skin. If you have spotted any of these problems, see your health practitioner right away. If the doctor attests a link between your fitness issues and Hydroxycut use, you'll be wanting to hire a Hydroxycut lawyer who will represent your interests against the company who makes the product.

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