Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why OPT health insurance Coverage

By Ray Sondeo

Are you one of those international students stretched to make ends meet due to limited budget? You know you can find an odd job after finishing your course-work but without health insurance you are scared of injuries and sicknesses that you may encounter.

If you are taking Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, it is best that you protect yourself through availing Optional Practical Training Health Insurance.

Some international students may think otherwise of getting themselves Optional Practical Training Health Insurance. since they are not really required by their universities. However a lot of benefits can be incurred from such- immediate treatment at the event of accidents, specialized treatment options for emergencies and even evacuation at the time of terrorist attacks or calamities.

You can start by inquiring at your school administration so that they can guide you through-out the process. To give an overview, applying for an OPT usually starts from having your Designated School Official (DSO) recommend you for an optional practical training for medical students. Use Form I-20 and make sure notations in SEVIS or the system that is used to record the activities of an F-1 student is also there.

File your OPT up to 90 days prior to your graduation or 60 days before the program end date. After which you will be issued a Sample Employment Authorization Card (EAD) and from there you can already start on your job on pre-completion or post-completion of your OPT.

A lot of research is also required on your end after you visit your DSO. It is important that you choose your provider with care and see to it that your optional practical training insurance coverage involves a variety of areas such as hospitalization, surgery, intensive care, prescription drugs, evacuation as well as repatriation.

Start your search by finding websites assisting international students like you to work on their insurances. This is a good way as well to compare and contrast insurance plan costs and features.

Now, you are ready to complete your Optional Practical Training without being haunted by medical bills. As a fresh graduate, knowing the financial risks that may arise from your job is important.

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